Do you have software I can use with an old device?

Do you have software I can use with an old device?

Our software is compatible with many older devices like the MSAS Professional, BEST, MSA/21, InSite, Listen, etc. Please contact us to determine compatibility.
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    • Can I use other software on the same computer as BioScan?

      IHT requires the computer running our software to be dedicated to only the use of the IHT device. You are the owner of your computer and you may do as you wish, but may run the risk of conflicts when other software is installed. Some applications ...
    • Can I still use my old software after upgrading to the current version?

      Desktop and Start Menu links to earlier software versions will be removed when upgrading software. Please contact us if you need further assistance.
    • Is internet access required to use the software?

      Internet access is not required to open the software; however at regular intervals (generally monthly), the software will require internet access to verify authorized use of the software. Once the software is reauthorized it can be disconnected from ...
    • Does the BioScan software run on Apple computers?

      BioScan software(s) is designed and developed for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. it requires a native installation of Windows to work. With the coming of Apple to use an Intel Processor it is now possible, through use of Boot Camp, to ...
    • Which antivirus software should I use with BioScan?

      Windows Defender is the only antivirus software allowed to be used with the IHT Software.  All other antivirus programs will interfere and cause operating issues with the IHT Software and will void any warranty with IHT. Windows Defender is a part of ...