How and when should I clean the Brass tips and HandMass?

How and when should I clean the Brass tips and HandMass?

Your Device utilizes brass for the HandMass and the tip of your stylus because it is excellent for conducting electricity but brass has a down side in that it must be maintained properly in order to continue to have excellent and accurate readings. In order for a practitioner to maintain good conductivity during testing of a patient/client, readings, a small amount of water must be applied between the brass of the tip and the HandMass and the skin of their client. Continuous contact to water cases the brass to corrode. Thus, it is recommended that between patients/clients that the practitioner take the time to wipe down their equipment and use alcohol to remove oil residues and to sanitize the accessories. I It is also recommended that the HandMass is cleaned vigorously weekly (or more often depending upon use) so that the brass maintains a bright shiny golden color. it recommended to use a vigorous cleaning process to bring the brass back to new. 

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Cleaning the MSA Stylus Tip

Cleaning the MSA HandMass Brass

Cleaning the MSA HandMass Brass Interior

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