What is the VantagePro Conversion?

What is the VantagePro Conversion?

The Vantage Device that was built by BioMeridian is not supported by IHT. For anyone who has Vantage System we offer a conversion that will convert their Vantage to the VantagePro standards. The VantagePro Conversion is simple and easy to arrange:

  • IHT will assign an RMA number to you so that you can ship your system in to our HQ;
  • IHT will test the Vantage (and whichever accessories you include in the return) for functionality;
  • IHT will then update your database (if needed) and copy to a Flash Memory Drive;
  • IHT will remove and discard the outdated internal computer components and adapt your device to the use of an external USB Cable thereby converting it into a VantagePro;
  • IHT will then test your newly converted VantagePro to make sure it fully functional using the latest IHT software before we ship your device back to you;
  • During the process we update the labeling to differentiate your converted VantagePro from a BioMeridian Vantage.

From there you will be able to run the software from your own computer. With the removal of the internal computer components the maintenance needs of your Vantage diminish greatly. The computer you use to run your newly converted VantagePro Device must conform to the minimum computer specifications.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.
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