With a Vantage or BioScan I get a morph or device check message. What do I do?

With a Vantage or BioScan I get a morph or device check message. What do I do?

If error messages like “Morph Load Failed” error or “Device Check” message appears when opening software then check if the hardware box is turned on, and plugged into a USB port. Also check if USB software is installed.

Try this procedure:

1.    Toggle the on/off switch in the back right corner of the unit to the “I” position to power the unit on.
2.    Plug one end of a USB cable in the back of the unit and plug the other end of the USB cable into the computer.
3.    Install the USB software in Windows by clicking [Start], All-Programs or All-Apps, MSA or SRT, USB Driver Install.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.
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