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            Does the BioScan use a battery and when do you know when it needs to be replaced?

            The VantagePro does use a battery for providing the electricity need to take readings or scanning. The battery is found on the left side of your VantagePro Medical Device (same side where your accessory cables connect) towards the back. The battery used in the VantagePro is a camera battery designed for both longevity and handling the surge of voltage used with a camera’s flash. Because of this, it is the very nature of this battery to last a long time and then suddenly drop dead. The software and hardware of your Medical Device is designed to detect when the voltage of a battery goes below what is considered a functional threshold. When you receive a warning saying your battery is too low, or when you turn on the Medical Device and it makes a long continuous beep, or if the Medical Device suddenly stops taking readings or stops in the middle of a scan, this means the battery needs to be immediately replaced. It is recommended to keep a several new batteries in your office as a backup. You can purchase a battery at any store that sells cameras. The details of the battery can be found on the label on the panel door covering the battery or on our website, but the type of battery needed by the VantagePro is a Duracell DL223 Battery (or equivalent).

            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 04:34 AM
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