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            How do I restore my database back onto the computer?

            1.   If the back-up data is on a USB Flash drive, then insert the USB Flash Drive into an available port on the computer.
            2.  From Windows click [Start Button], All-Programs or All-Apps, MSA or BioScan or SRT, Restore
            3.  This will start the Database Restore Wizard.
            4.  After reading the welcome screen, click the Next button.
            5.  Click the [Select backed up database] button
            6.  At the top of the file browsing window select the source location of the backed up database
            7.  Click on the file name of the backed up database in the middle of the file browser.
            8.  Click the [Open] button in the lower right corner.
            9.  Click the [Next] button, you will be asked whether to overwrite the existing database with the restored database.
            10. If you answer [Yes] the restore process will proceed, this may take several minutes
            11. When completed, click the [Finish] button and the Restore program will close.
            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 05:32 AM
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