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            What does MBI and BRI mean in the Nutritional/BioRep module?

            The Meridian Balance Index (MBI) calculates the patient’s individual AcuPoint readings against optimal conductance and standard deviations for these points. Related AcuPoints are then mathematically evaluated and compiled into meridian formulas. The higher the MBI number, the closer the patient is to ‘optimal’ overall meridian balance. MBI is readings based. The highest possible score is 1000.

            The Bio-Response Index (BRI) calculates the number of boxes that are flagged, or colored, on the Nutritional
            Chart. Each box has a weighted value. The most upper-left box will represent the lowest weighting. The
            highest weighting will be the represented by the lowest-right box. The BRI score will be lower if many
            boxes are flagged. BRI is cell based. The highest possible score is 1000.

            Many practitioners will use both the MBI and BRI formulas to track progress from one visit to another. Although important, these numbers should not be the only indicator of progress. Be sure to identify changes in AcuPoint readings and organ system phases from visit to visit as well

            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 05:39 AM
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