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            What is a Medical Device Transfer?

            IHT is required by the FDA to keep a file of every customer that has purchased one of our IHT Medical Devices. When someone has purchased an existing customer’s system, IHT is required to transfer the records of ownership of that system to the new customer. There is fee that applies. As part of the transfer the new customer is encouraged to send in their system to the IHT HQ to be inspected and brought up to standard. In the case of Vantage systems, IHT requires the Medical Device be converted (See: “What is a VantagePro Conversion?”). The new customer will also be required sign an IHT agreement and to provide a copy of their practitioner credentials that will be add to their file upon completion of the transfer. Any additional repair and servicing will be charged in addition to the fee. This inspection is included in the Device Transfer Fee and is encouraged for two reasons:

            • to ensure there are no unapproved modifications to the Medical Device;
            • If the equipment is not inspected by IHT HQ or if this Medical Device is not currently supported by IHT, IHT will not provide any warranty on the Medical Device.

            If you have purchased or sold a used system and have not paid the Device Transfer Fee, please contact Mike in our Sales Department at 801-889-2319 and he will be delighted to help you!

            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 04:42 AM
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